I studied both at the E.T.I.C. (Ecole des Techniques de l'Image et de Communication visuelle) in Blois (France) and the E.S.A.G Penninghen (Ecole Supérieure d'Art Graphique) at the Academy Julian in Paris (France). During my studies I became interested in Caravage, the Romantic era, Dragan Bibin and Ilya Repin. Ever since I devote myself to painting.

   Although it might be too obvious to stress that you can express your troubles, inner fights and emotions through painting, for me this medium is my way of speaking out. To me, painting is more natural and comfortable than the use of words.

   My paintings are not always easy to approach but the subject might bring about a connection with the viewer.

   In general, I question the direction our daily lives have taken. Over centuries humans have become more and more disconnected from the natural environment and their own origin. In recent years I’ve become more and more fascinated by the results of this disconnection in terms of ecological impact on our environment. More specifically: mankind is acting like a god by taking the world into his own hands and manipulating it according to its own wishes and desires.

   For me, nature has an inner beauty but nature, when it comes to humans, also has a violent and dangerous side to it. I try to reflect this inner conflicts more through my use of colours than through a chosen subject.